Kadoe Grand Opening

We are thrilled to announce the grand opening of Kadoe. Kadoe is an e-commerce platform that allows affiliates to sell products from brands that they love online. Kadoe was started During the Covid-19 pandemic to make it easier for consumers to shop multiple brands of curated products.

Shop countless products online while supporting your Kadoe Affiliate. 

Kadoe enables your favorite brands to reach new customers and to support continued business during unprecedented times.

Kadoe makes it easy to browse curated by passionate affiliates and allows consumers to buy directly from them online.

Kadoe Affiliates save cost by having products shipped directly from manufacturers.  The savings are passed on to you!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why buy with Kadoe?
Unlike on Amazon or other e-commerce websites, buying through Kadoe allows you to buy direct from your Affiliate’s curated online shop. Every purchase you make on Kadoe is supporting your Kadoe Affiliate. Kadoe also saves you money by having purchases shipped directly to you from manufacturers. It’s a win-win!

How does Kadoe make money?
We take a small commission from every sale that happens on the Kadoe e-commerce platform.

Who is Kadoe?
Kadoe has a very diverse team that’s united by a singular and earnest passion for helping independent entrepreneur Affiliates and hundreds of American brands. 
Our mission is to keep the magic of retail alive by making it frictionless for Independent Affiliates and brands to build an online store to complement their brick-and-mortar business.

I have more questions. How can I get in touch?
Email us at info@kadoe.com.